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BTC System

Get to know the crypto world with BTC System software

The BTC System platform offers trading in cryptocurrencies, mainly Bitcoin, via contracts for difference (CFDs). The system is automated, which means the robot does most of the work. This has several advantages: the robot can work around the clock, has sufficient market knowledge and checks the market situation every second. The automated mode allows you to relax while the program does all the trading.

Advantages and disadvantages of BTC System

Let yourself be convinced of the several advantages of the BTC System.


  • Easy registration
  • Free account
  • Safe and fast withdrawals
  • User friendly software
  • Small first deposit
  • Automated trading
  • No hidden fees
  • Success rate up to 88%


  • No free choice of broker
  • No app

How does the BTC System work

The members of the crypto platform emphasize that it is user-friendly and suitable for beginners. The website is easy to navigate. You also don't need any experience in crypto trading or special knowledge. The homepage also has many reports of positive experiences with BTC System from numerous users.

The technology of the crypto robot is very precise. It is claimed that the platform can achieve 88% accuracy on most trading operations. Members can rest assured that they will be participating in the best rates. The software is constantly scanning the market so you can get the best information to trade.

Start your first trade on BTC System

You will only need a few minutes to register with BTC System. The process is quick and straightforward.

Create an account

You will find a registration form on the homepage of BTC System. Fill it out. Enter your name and surname. To register, you also need a real email address and mobile phone number as well as a secure password.

BTC System verifies the identity of every customer. You will receive an email from the platform. Click on the activation link in the email to complete your registration. The creation of an account is free of charge.

The first deposit

The trading robot wagers a minimum starting amount of USD 250. You can also deposit more if you already know the system. For beginners, it is better to start with the lowest investment. Be aware of your budget.

You need a valid debit or credit card to deposit. Your bank details are also used to verify your identity. It is important to have a card with your name on for the software to recognize you.

Demo account

If you are new to crypto trading, it is highly recommended that you first learn about the trading process. Use the demo account and test the software before investing real money. You will see different functions of the website and navigation as well as what trading operations the software's robots perform.

Live trading with BTC System

Now you can start real trading. BTC System offers both an automated and a manual mode. If you're new to the crypto world, you'd better start with the automated mode. Only when you have a better understanding of the process and feel confident can you act manually.

Set your personal parameters before trading. These are:

  • Amount of investment
  • Number of trades
  • Risk level
  • Mode of trading

Before the first trade, you will be connected to a local broker.

Services from BTC System

In addition to the high success rate and uncomplicated registration, the software also has other advantages.


The platform offers the following cryptocurrencies for trading: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and EOS.


There are no subscription fees, brokerage commissions or other fees. The software is also free to use. However, members must pay a minimum commission of 2% on any winnings they have made through the system.


The BTC System website is secure and well encrypted with SiteLock and SSL. All member data and investments are treated confidentially. The software is also protected from online attacks. The strict security measures are observed.

Accessibility from BTC System

The platform's homepage can be reached on all devices and browsers. The website is also easy to see on small screens.

The most important features of BTC System

The platform has some features that make the trading system even more attractive.


The BTC System attaches great importance to the fact that all payment transactions are carried out quickly and accurately. Both debit and credit cards are accepted for deposits and withdrawals.


Your winnings will be transferred directly to your bank account. Fill out the withdrawal form on the homepage. All applications are usually processed quickly and the money will be deposited into your account in approx. 24 to a maximum of 48 hours.

Customer service

There are several learning materials and FAQs on the BTC System website. If you need more support, the homepage has online customer service that works around the clock and is available in various languages. You can contact the BTC System team at any time via live chat or by email. All questions are usually answered quickly.

Successful trading with BTC System

Keep the following tips in mind to get the best experience.

  • Start with a minimal investment. Knowing the trading processes well can help you increase your deposits.
  • Gradually increase your deposits.
  • Reinvest part of your profit in the new trade. You no longer have to deposit your own money.
  • Act as often as possible.
  • Withdraw your winnings regularly.
  • Use automatic mode at the beginning. Check the website every now and then during the day.
  • Set a loss and / or profit limit according to your budget.
  • Act without emotion. Make decisions based on specific data and facts.


BTC System is one of the most popular trading robots. The user-friendly platform is perfect for trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies via Contracts for Difference. Positive testimonials and quick payouts make the software particularly advantageous. Register with BTC System today and benefit from crypto trading.

The new trading platform BTC System is efficient and user-friendly. The software is free and has a simple sign up process. The BTC System gives you a good opportunity to gain pleasant experience in trading and to increase your wealth with cryptocurrencies, even if you have no previous knowledge of crypto trading. Read the entire report about the BTC System here!

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